Hello, I'm Bailey Rector

A UX/Product Designer and User Researcher with a strong emphasis on crafting user-centric digital experiences.

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My approach to UX and user research is deeply rooted in empathy and guided by the belief that it’s an essential ingredient in design. I’m extensively trained in interviewing best practices, including crafting the most effective questions. This training enables me to conduct research with sensitivity to diverse perspectives, without judgment or ethnocentrism.


Graphic Design and UX Consulting | Westlake Software, Inc.

I create graphic art designs for mobile and desktop UI’s, boosting engagement, and lead trivia game banner creation for enhanced interaction. With a knack for diverse design, I ensure brand-aligned visuals, while also offering vital UI insights for seamless and stylish interfaces.

Oct 2023 - Feb 2024

UX/Product Design Intern | Forge Advisory

I crafted user-centered content and graphics for web and social media platforms, aligning design strategies with client and user needs. I built and maintained responsive webpages on WordPress, Shopify, and Squarespace, executing successful email campaigns to expand digital reach.

2020 - 2022

Instructional Student Assistant | SDSU

I collaborated with professors to ensure effective communication and a cohesive learning experience. Assisting students in overcoming technical challenges facilitated a smooth transition to virtual education. Additionally, I managed grading responsibilities, offering timely, constructive feedback to support academic growth.

My Experience

Charting My UX Research and Design Path: Incorporating Design, Psychology, Anthropology, and Beyond

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