Crochet Monsters E-Commerce Website Design

In this case study, I crafted the Crochet Monsters e-commerce website, focusing on user experience and accessibility, as well as modern design.

Determining Goals and Specs

Creating a prototype E-Commerce website for Crochet Monsters by Bailey, specializing in cryptid-themed crochet designs, was a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. The website aimed to offer customers a seamless shopping experience while conveying the perfect blend of cuteness and creepiness associated with Crochet Monsters. Moreover, it needed to serve as an informative platform for customers to learn more about each monster, the company, and what set it apart in the world of crochet patterns. The primary target audience consisted mainly of females aged between 20 and 40 who appreciated the unique charm of spooky monsters and were often purchasing these crochet designs as gifts, particularly for individuals under 18. Adhering to a strict timeline and budget was paramount in the project’s success.


In the wireframing process, I drew inspiration from contemporary website design trends, emphasizing e-commerce functionality and ensuring accessibility through a user-friendly interface. The website’s design needed to be visually appealing and easy to navigate to cater to both the seasoned crochet enthusiasts and those new to the craft.

Style Guide & Logo

The style guide played a crucial role in maintaining a consistent visual identity. The choice of Gloucester MT Extra Condensed font added a hint of playfulness reminiscent of The Adams Family logo, aligning with the family-friendly monstrous theme. A green monster eye within the yarn ball added a touch of intrigue. The primary color palette, featuring meadowlark yellow and marine green, conveyed a sense of fun and sophistication, while the secondary colors, including dark grey and lavender aura, lent an adult-centered, elegant vibe. The fonts Lato and Open Sans were chosen for their readability and friendliness, ensuring a welcoming atmosphere for users.

The logo depicted a ball of yarn pierced by two crochet hooks designed to resemble fangs and horns, portraying a crochet monster.


For the prototype, I utilized Axure to create a functional representation of the website, allowing for thorough testing and refining of the user experience. This prototype served as a blueprint for the final product.

Usability Test & Final Report

Conducting usability tests was an essential step in refining the website. The tests focused on three key aspects: ease-of-use, desirability, and comparison to other e-commerce sites catering to a similar customer base. A survey and task-based test were conducted, with observations guiding improvements to the prototype. The final report detailed the findings from these tests and the modifications made, ensuring that the website met the needs and expectations of its target audience while effectively showcasing the captivating world of Crochet Monsters by Bailey.

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